Marble Cave (Crimea)

Marble Cave - the unique beauty of the cave complex system of halls and galleries ...
Cave "Marble" is on the plateau mountains Chatyr-Dag. Visible from various distances, a picturesque silhouette Chatyr-Dag is a symbol of Crimea. Chatyr-Dag plateau dotted with numerous karst cavities, providing relief appearance of his "monthly." It commanded more than 160 karst caves, mines, wells. Among them is a very interesting open in 1987, Marble Cave.

Entrance to it is at an altitude of 920 m above sea level. Laid it in a block of Upper limestone and consists of three parts: the Main Gallery, upper and lateral "tiger go." Enormous size gallery natikannyamy divided into separate rooms. The length of explored passages - 2050 m, depth - 60 m. The length of tour routes equipped with more than 1 km. The merit in opening, maintaining equipment and Marble Cave is Simferopol cavers.

The uniqueness of Marble Cave brought her international fame. According to the famous cave explorers, it is equipped with the five most beautiful caves of the planet. One of the most visited caves in Europe, Marble, in 1992 was admitted to the International Association equipped caves (in Gyeonggi, Italy).
Галереєю казок: підземні чудеса
For visitors to the cave entrance built an artificial 10-meter tunnel. Marble Cave welcomes visitors gallery of fairy tales, width - 20 m. Gallery ornate with stalactites, stalagmites, draperies natichnymy. Perfectly lit route leads deep into the cave. Excursion track goes around the bizarre creations stalagmites, whose contours resemble strange fairy-tale characters. Light from the darkness pulls Elephant and mammoth, the cave his head, Santa Claus, Princess frog ... Hard to believe that these pieces were created over millions of years of drops of water, not the hands of a talented sculptor.

"Owner" cave

In the course of the vault gallery tiger cave falls, and is clearly visible dzvinopodibni deepening, which were washed napirnymy water and then decorated with stalactites. This leads to a convenient tunnel monolithic rock that is laid on the ground revealed syfonovoho narrow channel. Paintings natichni columns divide the gallery into separate rooms. At the bottom shows a small tub of water. Wonderful natichni curtains, stone waterfalls, cascades Gurov of lakes, "cave pearls" unique niche "heliktytovyh flowers." On the track excursion, you can see the bottom of the well, where at a depth of 6 m was found cave bear bones.

Gallery tales. "Mammoth"

Mysterious darkness of the hall is covered with Perestroika. But the darkness recedes into rays of spotlights, and then striking her size. This is one of the largest hall equipped with the world: the area of 4 thousand square meters. meters, height of 20 m. Large boulders cover the bottom. East wall of room height 6-8 meters are covered with snow-white carpet of flowers koralitovym, length is about 40 m is unique 7-meter-long stalagmite, which lies on the side and entitled "tower that fell." And next to the giant - graceful fragile lace - Gurov lakes at the bottom of which are so-called "cave pearls".


Lovely open views from the ridge of one of Europe's largest calcite dams (base width 56 m). In the center hall in a palace, some of which can be seen from the dam, are enormous natichni columns "King" and "Queen" on "suite" - stalagmites of different shapes. Gurov lake bound to the clay room. Natikan it a bit, but each - non-recurring. Here ends the Main Gallery.

"Stone Flower"

Lower Gallery is a geological and mineralogical reserve. Narrow progress moves in 12-meter well, leading to the hall of the Rose - Chaos boulders that are covered with sparkling corallite and stalagmites. Over it - absolute harmony hall Hopes, then Balcony, Lyustrova, landslide and river bed rooms, halls and chocolate Heliktytova. Here you go run off in different directions. Further down the road yet ...

Gallery "tiger progress"

To get to the caves of Marble can be by car, bus, helicopter or on foot. To do this, pay at the 17th km of highway Simferopol - Yalta near the village of Zarechnoye to the facility for the village of Marmara. Average Duration Marble cave - 1 hour. The temperature there is a constant (+9 ° C).