Khust castle in the town of Hust
Path: Ukraine "Transcarpathian region" Khust district "Hust

Khust Castle: ruins of the towers and walls

Type of building: castle (?), Castle, fortress

The first phase of construction: according to some sources - 11th century, on the other - 13th century

The last stage of construction: 17th century frontier, or 17th and 18th centuries

Hoost - Castle Hill on the physical map
The chosen site for the construction of the main building not only Justa, but also the whole region, was selected the highest mountain (300 meters above sea level), which dominates the valley, which is surrounded by hills on all sides. This valley has paved its course the river Tisza and several of its tributaries. Along these rivers were important trade artery, each of which can be controlled from Justa. Along the river have been constructed and ground paths. A few miles west of Justa are so-called "Khust Gate" - a narrow gorge, punched in the ancient times the mountain ridge of the waters of the Tisza. From the north and south, this gorge is bounded by mountains. This narrow passage had an exceptional value - here at one point agreed several river and land routes, and all traffic entering the "Khust gate" was in full view of those who owned the consolidation, which for centuries formed at the top of the mountain Khust. The bed of the river Tisza, a major commercial artery of the Middle Ages, stretches 1 kilometer south of the castle hill (in the Middle Ages the river flowed at the foot of the mountain), and rounded the mountain from the north channel of the river Hustets (another name - Hustitsa), which flowed into the Tisza River near "Khust gate." In the same area were the crossroads leading from Tornuskogo (Vyshkovskogo) and Tatar (Yablunevskogo) passes through the Carpathians.

Lone Mountain, which dominates the valley, perfectly suited for the construction of fortifications. Her high and quite steep in places to safely cover the artificial fortifications, making even a small fortress impregnable outpost.

Before the first fortifications of the castle hill area near Justa was very interesting people. The value of this land was rich salt deposits, whose existence is known by the Romans.