Arcadia - "paradise," as translated from the Greek name of the most popular resort area of Odessa.
Since the beginning of the XIX century this place settles aristocratic family. One of the first farm appeared Wittgenstein, and in 1818 bought the farm "in a wonderful location above the sea" Duke Sergei Volkonsky future Decembrist and good friend of Pushkin. Here, as in the country of Odessa Greek Feognost Antonio in the summer of 1824 more than once visited Alexander.
On the vast plateau overlooking the Arcadia beach, located descendants of possession of a noble princely brothers Gagarin. The name of Gagarin and the board has retained to this day.
Not so much the romantic islands of the past, how many charms of the modern Arcadia daily attract thousands of people here. Arcadia is famous for its beaches, spas and hotels, restaurants and nightclubs.


Street N. Gogol.

On the green, facing the sun and the sea outside, easy to breathe.
Mediterranean flavor, the proximity of the port evoke comparisons with the cities of Italy. That no house - architectural monument. Perhaps this bright and cozy Odessa street beckoned from the endless Moscow winter sarcastic genius of Russian literature by Nikolai Gogol.
Apartments in Odessa Odesse.Otdyh One of the main street decorations - make up a single architectural ensemble of two-storey house and a multi-storey house at the time Baron Faltz-Fein ("House of Atlanta"), hereditary honorary citizens of Odessa. It is designed for a talented architect, LL Vlodekom with simulated forms of Netherlands architecture of XIV century. Impressive corner bay window of the building is supported by two Atlantes. On the backs of the permanent workers and another architect to fit the starry sky. Of such powerful gravity of their heads bowed down to mother earth, but the sky on his shoulders of giants Odessa, thank God, untouched.
Apartments in Odessa Odesse.Otdyh Another masterpiece of architecture - the Shah's palace. The magnificent palace, designed as a Gothic castle in the middle of the XIX century, built for the Polish magnate Zeno Brzhozovsky outstanding Odessa architect FW Gonsiorovsky. Octagonal towers and thick walls of the palace with an elegant imitation castle buttresses rise above the sea cliff. In 1909 the palace was the residence of the deposed Shah of Persia Mohammed Ali. Since then, Odessa called it "the Shah". Right in front of the Shah's palace begins Teschin bridge, constructed during the Soviet era on Military descent.
According to urban legend, the creation of the original bridge is connected to one of the mayors of Odessa. Every day this respected officer went to dinner at mother-in, down and up the slopes of the Military beams. But the moment came when he, opposers of exercise, tired overcome descents and ascents. And he ordered the bridge. Since this building sways between the Primorsky Boulevard and the Boulevard of the Arts. At the foot of the bridge Teschin view of the created in a new age of the elements of the historic urban decor "Corner of Old Odessa" with a female statue, cast iron griffin, marble octagonal pit, a gazebo and an elegant open-work iron footbridge.