City Hall is located on the southwestern tip of the island Kunkskholmen (eastern part of Stockholm).

It is also called the "Three Crowns" (Tre Kronor).

This symbol of Stockholm was built in the years 1911-1923 from the red brick in the style of national romanticism. This is the creation of the Swedish architect Ragnar Estberga

Town Hall Tower has a height of 105 meters, it is topped by three golden crowns - these three crowns are shown in small arms and Sweden are the symbol of the state.

If you go to the upper platform, then you will open an exciting and magnificent city views. Back you can climb the narrow spiral staircase.

Through the arcade of the court first looked through the water of the lake. From there, the entrance to the meeting rooms and state rooms.
Second, the courtyard - open - it is called the Blue Hall.
In the Oval Room are wedding.
Gallery of princes is a 47-foot banquet hall.
Of great interest is also the Golden Hall, whose walls are decorated with a mosaic of tens of millions of pieces of glass and gold.

Today, the town hall is a place of meetings and City Council

Фото 1. Городская ратуша *Три короны*. Швеция, Стокгольм