Area Stortorget - the main square of the Old City, from the founding of the city was not only a center of urban and commercial life, but also a place of execution.

In 1520 it was played here, so-called "Stockholm Bloodbath." By order of the Danish King Christian II in the area were executed on charges of heresy 82 nobleman.

In the 18th century gave to Eric Palmstedt Stortorget fountain.

Now settled around the square, street cafes and restaurants.

The main building on the Stortorget - this exchange, built by Eric Palmstedtom in the 18th century. Now in this building located on the top floor of the Swedish Academy of Sciences, on the ground floor - a museum of Alfred Nobel.

The area is partially covered with paving stones, it is closed to cars.

Stortorget squeezed by narrow five-story buildings.

Фото 1. Площадь Стурторьет. Швеция, Стокгольм

Фото 2. Площадь Стурторьет. Швеция, Стокгольм