Skoklosters slott
The castle is located on Lake Mälaren, between the cities of Stockholm and Uppsala.
It was built by Carl Gustaf Wrangel between 1654 and 1676 years, in the baroque style.
Nicodemus Tessin designed by architect senior.
In 1967 the castle was sold to the Swedish Government, since it opened as a museum.
Most rooms have not changed since the time when the castle was built. Other restored using materials of the 17th century.
Here are a rich collection of paintings, textiles, furniture, silverware, dishes ... One of the famous paintings by masters of the 16th century by Giuseppe Arcimboldo.
Gun collection contains 17th-century military weapons - muskets, pistols, swords, crossbows, swords, bows ...
The museum has a gift shop and cafe.

Фото 1. Замок Скуклостер. Окрестности Стокгольма, Швеция

The castle is located on Lake Mälaren, between the cities of Stockholm and Uppsala.

It was built by Carl Gustaf Wrangel between 1654 and 1676 years, in the baroque style.

Nicodemus Tessin designed by architect senior.

In 1967 the castle was sold to the Swedish Government, since it opened as a museum.

Most rooms have not changed since the time when the castle was built. Other restoredusing materials of the 17th century.

Here are a rich collection of paintings, textiles, furniture, silverware, dishes ... One of the famous paintings by masters of the 16th century by Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

Gun collection contains 17th-century military weapons - muskets, pistols, swords, crossbows, swords, bows ...

The museum has a gift shop and cafe.