Glimmingehus slott

Castle Glimmingehus (Glimmingehus slott)

The castle is located 23 kilometers from the town of Ystad on the highway E65 along the coast.

It was built in 1499 a knight Johnsen Ulfstandom and then not been any changes.

The architect Adam van Düren structure of Germany.

The length of the lock 30 meters, 12 meters in width, the height of 26 meters, the thickness of the walls at the base of 2.4 meters, and on top of 1.8 meters.

The building has four floors. On the ground floor and basement - a brewery, a bakery, a smithy, a wine cellar, storage facilities, wells.
In the upper floors - living rooms, living rooms, bedrooms.
Under the roof of a building located on the perimeter of the rifle loopholes.

Near the farm buildings were built around the moat dug, through which hung a chain lift bridge.

In 1676, during the war, the Swedish king ordered the destruction of the castle, that he did not get the Danes, but the order was not executed because of the invasion of Danish troops, and the subsequent abandonment of the area by the Swedes.

In 1935, was reconstructed interior of the castle.

In the 19th century were excavated near the building. Interesting findings were found, such as Venetian glass, ceramics ...

The chateau is owned by the state and is a museum that shows the interior and the atmosphere of medieval times.

Also in the walls of the castle is a restaurant, cafe and gift shop.

Фото 1. Замок Глиммингехус. Сконе, Швеция