Sankta Maria kyrka


Church of Saint Mary (Sankta Maria kyrka)

Church of St. Mary's is located on an area Mariatorget.

The church was built in the 13th century as a three-nave basilica in Romanesque style.

Originally the church was the height of 12 meters.

In the 1648 hit by the hurricane tower of the church, and then restored it for a long time before the end of the 1600s.

The altar in 1400.

The Department's 1626-1631.

There is also a chandelier in the Gothic style from 1300's.

In the years 1923-1924 has been made a lot of work on the reconstruction of the church.

Фото 1. Церковь Святой Марии. Швеция, Истад   

Sankt Petri kyrka

St. Peter's Church (Sankt Petri kyrka)
The church was built in 1267 and is part of an old monastery in 1222.
At the end of 1400 was built the bell tower.

In 1777 the monastery equipped hospital in 1791 - a warehouse of flour, in 1908-1912, the monastery premises were renovated and restored.
In the east wing now houses the town museum.
In 1967 the church was restored.
The Church has the status of the sacred monument.
Фото 1. Церковь Святого Петра. Швеция, Истад 

Фото 2. Церковь Святого Петра. Швеция, Истад 

Latin School (Latinskolan)

This building is located on an area Mariatorget.

It is built in the 16th century and is the oldest surviving school in the Nordic institution.
Фото 1. Латинская школа. Швеция, Истад

St. Peter's Church | Sankt Petri kyrka

The church was built in 1267 and is part of an old monastery in 1222.

At the end of 1400 was built the bell tower.

In 1777 the monastery equipped hospital in 1791 - a warehouse of flour, in 1908-1912, the monastery premises were renovated and restored.

In the east wing now houses the town museum.

In 1967 the church was restored.

The Church has the status of the sacred monument.


 Staty Famntaget

Embrace Statue (Staty Famntaget)

This statue is located in the port city. This is the work of Axel Ebbe.

It was opened on May 27, 1930.

In the present place the statue was moved in 1970.

The model for the statue was Birgit Holmqvist, daughter of the plant manager Albert Holmqvist.

Фото 1. Статуя Объятия. Швеция, Смигехюк

 Smygehuk fyr


Lighthouse (Smygehuk fyr)

It was built in May 1883.

Its height is 17 meters.

Old house lighthouse keeper at this time given over to the youth hostel.

Now the lighthouse is used again in 2001, he serves as a reference for the courts as a pleasure, and local fishermen.

Фото 1. Маяк. Швеция, Смигехюк