Regional History Center (Jamtli)

The historical center is an open-air museum with historic buildings, and an indoor museum - both permanent and temporary exhibitions.

The museum is located in the northern part of town.

It was founded in 1912. Eric Festin was the first director of the museum.

We present the ancient way of life and craft residents of the province.

The main building of the museum housed rare tapestries Everhugdalya - Woven fabrics, come in these days of the Viking Age.

Feature of the museum are numerous theatrical productions since 1984, acquainting visitors with the Yamtli life and lives of people of various historical eras.

During the year, held a lot of Yamtli variety of activities dedicated to the culture, history and customs of the Swedish people.

In winter the Christmas Fair is held Yamtli.

Фото 1. Региональный исторический центр. Швеция, Эстерсунд

Фото 2. Региональный исторический центр. Швеция, Эстерсунд

Фото 3. Региональный исторический центр. Швеция, Эстерсунд

Фото 4. Региональный исторический центр. Швеция, Эстерсунд

Фото 5. Региональный исторический центр. Швеция, Эстерсунд   



Fres Island (Froson)

The island is connected with the town bridge length of 9 kilometers and a width of 4 kilometers.

On this island more than 1,000 years ago, sacrificed to the gods Odin, Thor and Freya.

During excavations on Mount Eneberget were found trophies Vikings, they have won in the wars of conquest, and also discovered the ruins of an ancient fortress.

The island is an old church of the 13th century, its wooden bell tower dates from the 18th century. One of the bells, cast in copper mines in the Age of the Education Department.

The highest point of the island is crowned with watch tower, whose height is 14.5 meters. Open to the public.

The island has a zoo. More than 500 animals, cage, an amusement park, restaurants, cafes, shops.

Фото 1. Остров Фрёсён. Швеция, Эстерсунд