Pyramid Mine Kirunavaara visible from anywhere in the city.

It is the largest mine in the world.

Inside the mine 450 kilometers of roads, the depth of 1270 meters.

The first development of iron ore in the area date back to the Kirunavaara retreat of glaciers about 6000 years ago.

Here, side by side, there were tribes of the Sami and Finns. The first Swedes came from the south-east of the district Masugnsbin, which in 1647 had founded the first iron-ore mines.

Miners first settlements date back to the beginning of the 17th century, marking the beginning of development ore Kiruna.

It is open to tourists - went down to a depth of several hundred meters, you can see how this goes ore.

Фото 1. Шахта Кирунаваара. Швеция, Кируна

Фото 2. Шахта Кирунаваара. Швеция, Кируна      



The museum presents the exhibition "The Saami, country and nation."

The building, as well as beside it, a lot of halls and exhibition areas, where you can find much of interest, for example, to learn about the nature of Lapland and the Sami way of life, to look at their homes and life-size costumes.

Show black and white movies about the life of the Sami.

Works Exhibition of handicrafts - buckskin, souvenirs and handicrafts.

The museum contains the means of the Swedish state.

The museum has a cafe where you can drink and eat, there is a great gift shop, library.

Фото 1. Музей саамской культуры. Швеция, Йоккмокк  

Фото 2. Музей саамской культуры. Швеция, Йоккмокк