Stora Kyrkan

Church - Stora Kyrkan

The church was built July 14, 1940, to plans of architect Lars Israel Wahlmans.

Most of the church is in an open area with beautiful views of the lake.

Artist Hilding Linnqvist made ​​wall paintings, chair decorated with gilded figures Olof Arlberg

Фото 1. Церковь. Швеция, Эстерсунд  


Ostersunds radhus
Town Hall, erected between 1909-1912 years.

The plan developed by the architect Frans Bertil Wahlberg

Blue dome is crowned by a central tower, 51 meters tall, which settled the city's main clock, which beat four times a day.
The central clock tower and bell tower is still performed in traditional style.

The sculpture and jewelry made ​​of limestone have been made to local master Olof Albergo.

Throughout the building resembles a real medieval castle: a dark brown walls of buildings, wide arches, monumental staircase, a red tile roof further emphasizes the solidity of the building.

City Hall is the largest monument of the national romantic architecture in the city.

Фото 1. Городская Ратуша. Швеция, Эстерсунд