Leksand Sommarland

Amusement Park Sommarland (Leksand Sommarland)

The park is located 3 miles north of Leksand.

This is a real paradise for children and adults - "Disneyland" on the Swedish style.

There are a surprising number of entertainment: attractions, boating, horseback riding, bowling, tennis, golf, water rides - biking, toboggan, various kinds of carousels.

Open from May to August.

Фото 1. Парк развлечений Sommarland. Швеция, Лександ

Фото 2. Парк развлечений Sommarland. Швеция, Лександ     


Sollero kyrka

Church Island Soller (Sollero kyrka)

The church is located on the island of Soller, in Lake Siljan.

The first wooden chapel at this place was built in the 1500s.

The current stone church was built in 1779-1785 by architect Olaf Tempelmanom.

The chair and the altar date from the 1759 year.

In the belfry is a bell in 1530. LIA | DALARNA

Фото 1. Церковь острова Соллерён. Далекарлия, Швеция