Maritima Centrum


Naval and Maritime Museum (Maritima Centrum)

The museum is the world's largest museum on the water.

It was founded in 1987.
The idea emerged after the crisis of shipbuilding in the 1970s.
The museum is dedicated to the history of shipping and shipbuilding Gothenburg.

It covers more than 20 historical ships - from freight and passenger to patrol and combat, there are barges, boats, tugs and other various swimming pools / facilities.
Also in the museum moored lightship "Fladern"
Perhaps you are interested in some vessels, such as the famous submarine - "HMS Nordkaparen (Nor)", a warship (USS) - "HMS Smaland (J19)"
Also, you can go on board any vessel.
In the museum are a cafe and gift shop.

Фото 1. Военно-морской музей. Швеция, Гётеборг  2956055170_d706b6c897_z


Фото 2. Военно-морской музей. Швеция, Гётеборг


Фото 3. Военно-морской музей. Швеция, Гётеборг