Church Vassa (Vasakyrkan)

The church is located in the quarter Vasastaden.

This is the parish church, it began building in 1905.

The building is lined with granite in the Neo-Romanesque style.

The belfry was built in 1908, then installed two great bells - 900 and 1800 pounds.

In 1909 the church was consecrated bishop of Rhodes.

In 1974 a chapel was built by the side.

Фото 1. Церковь Васса. Швеция, Гётеборг 

Фото 2. Церковь Васса. Швеция, Гётеборг


Statue of Poseidon

Statue of Poseidon

The statue placed in the center of the square Gotaplatsen, that Lorensbergquarter.

A fountain with a large bronze figure of Poseidon (1931) - is the work of CarlMilles Swedish sculptor.

The statue is a symbol of Gothenburg

Фото 1. Статуя Посейдона. Швеция, Гётеборг  PIX-LFEWWF

Фото 2. Статуя Посейдона. Швеция, Гётеборг