Naturhistoriska museet


Museum of Natural History (Naturhistoriska museet)

The museum was founded October 31, 1833.

The current building is a museum since 1923.

It is the oldest museum in the city.

It is located in the park of the royal palace Slottssboken.

The museum exposition presents, mostly stuffed animals from around the world.

The most famous exhibits - a blue whale (body length of 16.5 meters), which washed ashore in 1865 in a bay near Gothenburg, and the elephant - a large male, was brought from Angola (exhibit installed in 1952).

Фото 1. Музей естествознания. Швеция, Гётеборг   



Maritime Museum (Sjofartsmuseet)

The museum is located in the western part of the shipyard Stigberget.

The history of shipbuilding and navigation, since the Vikings, here you will learn about the fisheries, the marine life, travels, pirates and much more.

Here there is a huge aquarium with a variety of representatives of the aquatic fauna.

The museum emerged in the early 20th century.

Near the museum is a monument called "The Woman on the beach", by I. Jonsson, and was erected in memory of sailors who died during World War II.
It is located at the top of the Maritime Tower, 82 meters tall, and is a bronze statue of a woman looking to the sea in the distance.

Фото 1. Морской музей. Швеция, Гётеборг