Park, the Royal Palace (Slottsskogsparken)

The park is located in the southwest part of town.

The broad lawn, beech avenues, beautiful lakes and picturesque hills.
In fact, a large lake there is a wooden terrace on stilts, which houses a cafe-restaurant.
In the northern part of the park is an observatory and the Museum of Natural History.
There are athletic fields for games of golf, football and other games.
The park is inhabited by various representatives of the local fauna, there is a zoo.


Фото 1. Парк королевского дворца. Швеция, Гётеборг

Фото 2. Парк королевского дворца. Швеция, Гётеборг




Crown House (Kronhuset)

This majestic building is located on the north-west of Gothenburg and was built between 1643 and 1655 year.

It is the oldest building in the city, once served as a storehouse of food and textiles, as well as an arsenal of weapons and ammunition.
Around the building there are a variety of craft workshops (workshop glassblower, jewelers, confectioners, blacksmith, etc.) and old houses.
These buildings were destroyed by fire in 1746 and 1758, and restored and opened in 1971

The entire complex of buildings owned by the Swedish crown since the 17th century.
Now the crown is in the House Historical Museum, also in the building of wind concerts are held - in 1998 settled here in Gothenburg Brass Band.

Фото 1. Дом короны. Швеция, Гётеборг


Фото 2. Дом короны. Швеция, Гётеборг