Linnemuseet, Linnetradgarden

House Museum and Gardens Linnaean | Linnemuseet, Linnetradgarden

The museum is located in a house where he lived from 1744, Carl Linnaeus.

Renovated library and a study of the great scientist and naturalist, in which the exposed part of his personal belongings.

Linnaeus Garden - one of the oldest botanical gardens.

The garden is located in the northern city of Uppsala, on the banks of the river Fyurison.

Initially it was planned and developed by a Swedish professor of medicine Olof Rudbeck, Sr. in 1655.
Garden fell into disrepair after the adoption of control garden Uloffom Rudbeck the Younger.

Linnaeus took custody of the garden in 1741.

In 1745 Linnaeus commissioned the architect Charles Horlemanu to convert the garden under its new system of classes and orders of plants.

In the garden of more than 1,300 different plant species have been described to them.

Garden is divided into the following areas: flower garden, a garden of wild plants, mobile garden, vegetable garden.

Фото 1. Дом-музей Линнея. Швеция, Уппсала

Фото 2. Сад Линнея. Швеция, Уппсала

Фото 3. Сад Линнея. Швеция, Уппсала