Staraya Ladoga

Staraya Ladoga on the Volkhov River, 15 kilometers from Lake Ladoga, perhaps, is the oldest city in Russia and could serve as a "trading gate" on the road from the Varangians to the Greeks. She first mentioned in chronicles in connection with calling on Russia Varangian Rurik and his brothers: "And the city of Ladoga srubisha about eating the oldest in the Ladoga Rurik." According to legend, there lies Oleg the Wise. Now, with Oleg's mound stunning views all around. The modern name of the city arose after the construction of the bypass channel Ladoga: by decree of Peter I had created a settlement at the confluence of the River Volkhov to Lake Ladoga, called Novaya Ladoga, and the former became the "old". The oldest masonry fort dates back to the beginning of the XII century, and possibly to earlier times. In 1164 the strengthening of already opposed the Swedish fleet of 55 ships. The present castle was built in XV century. In the church of St. George in the castle remained one of the oldest frescoes "St George and the Dragon» (XII century).. Near this temple is a wooden little church winter Demetrios (XVII century).. In the museum a wide collection of archaeological finds, covering the entire history of ancient Lake Ladoga. On the shores of picturesque views of the Volkhov can enjoy during the boat ride. On the way to Novgorod that runs along the river Volkhov Volkhov difficult to drive past the Power Plant - one of the oldest in Russia (1926).