Центральный военно-морской музей.Central Naval Museum
Address: 199034, St. Petersburg, Exchange Square, 4
Phone: (812) 328-2502, 328-2501

Mode of operation: Daily from 11.00 to 18.00, except Monday, Tuesday and last Thursday of each month

Central Naval Museum - one of the largest maritime museums in the world. In 1709 Peter I founded the Model-camera - shipbuilding warehouse models and drawings from her and it has its origin in the Central Naval Museum. In 1805, based on the collection of exhibits stored in the model-chamber, was established "Maritime Museum". The present name was given to the museum in 1924, and after fifteen years, he moved from the Admiralty building, which originally housed in the former Stock Exchange building.

The main exhibition, located in the ten rooms of the ground floor of the museum introduces visitors to the history of the Russian Fleet. On the second floor of the Exhibition complex, there are temporary exhibitions of both the Central Naval Museum and other museums and private collections.

Central Naval Museum has a vast collection of ship models, which include even those who never have been built and were only in the projects, collections, nautical instruments and tools, small and cold, artillery and mine-torpedo weapons, flags, banners and fleet uniforms, awards and collections of marine items ship life, paintings and engravings, numismatic collection and a collection of photographs.

In the museum there is an ancient boat, which archaeologists refer to the beginning of the first millennium BC This exhibit shows that the Russian shipping has an ancient history. Also on display are miniatures and drawings of ancient ships, telling about the features of shipbuilding in Russia and the Slavs sea cruises.

In addition, museum visitors can see the model of Russia's first seagoing battleship "Peter the Great", items related to the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878, radio equipment, created by physicist Popov, model aircraft and Mozhaisky real submarine.

A special department of the museum is devoted to Russian-Japanese war. Here you can see models of ships that participated in this war, the most interesting of which is the model of the cruiser "Varangian". On display are personal items, photographs and trophies of the crew "Varangian" - commander, officers and sailors. There is also a rewarding weapons and a sculptural portrait of the commander of the Pacific squadron at Port Arthur, Vice-Admiral Makarov, who was killed during the Russian-Japanese war.

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