санкт-петербург, филиал петергофа, царицын островTsaritsyn Pavilion

Location: Kolonistsky Park (center of Peterhof)
Open: from 10.30 to 17.00, cash works just the same.

Tsaritsyn Pavilion was the place where the royal family from time to time vacationing in the summer. It was erected in the first half of the XIX century for the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, who longed to own a home, similar to those that were discovered during the excavation of Pompeii. Implement the project architect took Shtakenshneider.

Log in Tsaritsyn pavilion is decorated with columns and two antique candelabra. The first room in which you get by logging into this atrium. Atrium - is a small patio with four columns and a swimming pool in the center. In the roof of the atrium is a hole, it occupies the whole middle part, and through it into the light penetrates water or rainwater that falls into the pool. In Tsaritsyn pavilion in the traditional device atrium have been some adjustments related to the peculiarities of the Russian climate. The hole in the ceiling, closed glass dome, which if desired can be opened.

To the right of the atrium is a room with a beautiful name "eksedra," which in Pompeian houses were designed for relaxation. Built it in the open air, the walls are thickly entwined eksedre replaced green arcade. In Tsaritsyn pavilion, again taking into account the climatic features, eksedra was introduced into the building. The walls and furniture in this room are covered with colorful paintings, done on samples from Pompeii.

The largest room in the pavilion Tsaritsyn - it oikos or living room. This extraordinarily beautiful room with two columns of blue marble, its walls are decorated with bright red-and-black paintings and images of griffins, the floor paved with mosaics. In Etruscan oikos is set, painted in the style of ancient Greek vases - black with white and yellow design on a red-brown background.

In the dining hall adorned another service - Coral, ornate stylized twigs of red coral. Sex in the room is laid out this ancient Roman mosaics, Nicholas I bought from the Duke Maximilian Leuchtenberg.

The last room on the first floor - a room of the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. The narrow room is decorated with two original Byzantine mosaics lined the columns relating to XII-XV century. On his desk is mahogany desk set, decorated in the Etruscan style, next to - bust housewives office.

On the second floor of the pavilion there is only one room - an office of Nicholas I. Hence, by a narrow spiral staircase to get to the top floor, which offers exceptionally beautiful views of the pond.

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