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Port Stephens - Sydney

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 16 March 2013

Last Updated 16 March 2013

Port Stephens - Sydney 1Port Stephens - Sydney 2Port Stephens - Sydney 3 

Port Stephens Port Stephens - a large natural harbor some 160 km. to the north-east of Sydney, New South Wales. Its northern coastline forms the border between the local Port Stephens and Great Lakes. The area is very uneven population density of more than 26 000 people live in the interval just 3 square meters. km. its 113-kilometer coastline, and more than 32 000 live in the area of ​​10 square meters. km. With an area of ​​119 square kilometers, Port Stephens more than Sydney Harbour.

Port Stivens1

In the harbor is a narrow passage between two strikingly beautiful hills, volcanic headlands. Southern Cape («Tomaree» or "South Head") stands at 168 meters above sea level, while the «Yacaba» (Northern Cape) rises 210 meters Harbor is, in general, shallow and sandy, but sufficiently deep that large ships can pass through it.

Today the economy of Port Stephens based on tourism, oyster farming, fishing, dairy and mixed farming.

The pearl district tourism industry is "Shoal Bay» (Shoal Bay). It is named so because of its sand banks and beaches. There is an amusement park, where you can hire a catamaran for yourself, go paddle steamer, canoeing, water skiing, scooters, windsurfing on the beach. For organized fishing there Fishing Club, which holds every February in the Southern Hemisphere's largest competition for sport fishing.

At the eastern edge of the bay - the peak Tomaree. At its base is a convenient parking and a picnic area. Parking in front of the beginning of the narrow way creeping to the top of the peak, where the visitor spectacular views of the sea.

Port Stephens

In coastal waters lost a few small islands, where you can go on a catamaran or boat: Boondelbah (3 hectares), 3 km. to the north-east coast. The islet is a breeding ground for birds and small penguins, storm petrels and white seagulls.

Slightly North of Cabbage Tree Island (26 hectares), covered with tropical palm trees view - livistonoy south - and is the only known nesting petrels rare Gould. Also, by all accounts, this is the only island with tropical forest ecosystem in South Australia.

To Port Stephens is easily accessible by car via the Pacific Highway from Sydney straight (the road will take about 1.5 hours).

Australia - Sydney

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