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St Mary's Cathedral

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 16 March 2013

Last Updated 16 March 2013

 sydney St_Marys_Cathedral_1

Did not seem to be in a ultramodern city like Sydney, where almost everything is reminiscent of the future, anything that the transfer would take us to the medieval Gothic Europe, which is in another hemisphere. But it is not so! At the heart of the City, the business district of Sydney, on College Street, is Australia's largest church - the real Gothic cathedral! This - the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary.

Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the full name of the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary - Help of Christians - Catholic cathedral and one of the five Australian cathedrals wearing honorary status "minor basilica". The most spacious (though not the highest) Church of Australia.

sydney St_Marys_Cathedral_2
St Mary's Cathedral

The first stone of the Catholic church was laid October 29, 1821 After a short time the church was completed, it was built in the Gothic Revival style, was in the form of Latin cross. Since 1842, when it was formed in Sydney Catholic Diocese, the church was to serve as the cathedral. In 1865, a fire broke out in the cathedral, almost completely destroying it.

The first stone of the new cathedral was laid in 1868 by the construction of a huge building was going for a long time and in stages. In 1882 he was consecrated when the first phase of construction of the building. Construction of the main nave was completed only in 1928 were richly decorated crypt was built in 1961 for many years on the two towers of the facade of the cathedral was spiers, creating a sense of incompleteness. In 2000, with financial support from the government over the spiers of the towers were finally erected.

The architecture of the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary is typical of English Gothic Revival XIX century. The cathedral is built of golden sandstone, which from the outside due to inclement weather got a brownish tint. Inside the building sandstone preserved its golden hue that highlights successful lighting of the temple. Cathedral is oriented from north to south, chancel looking north. The plan of the church is traditional for the English medieval cathedrals - it has the shape of a cross, over the intersection of the nave (the main building of the cathedral), and the transept (side aisles) erected tower. Two more towers flank the facade. The altar has a square end. The main facade has three of the temple, two additional inputs are in the transept arms.

St Mary's Cathedral

In the western arm of the transept is a copy of the famous statue "Pieta" by Michelangelo in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

Cathedral is famous for its stained glass windows, a work in progress for more than 50 years. A total of 40 stained glass cathedral, images which are devoted to various biblical themes.

In the first council, who died in a fire in 1865, was established the largest at the time organ Australia. The new building of the cathedral organ installation was completed in 1942, the Authority is located on the gallery above the main entrance of the cathedral.

The west wing is a shop with the symbols of the Cathedral. During the day, the cathedral lead tours, but on Saturday and Sunday you can attend a morning or evening solemn Mass at 10.30 and 18.00

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