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Olive Pink Botanic Garden

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 23 September 2012

Last Updated 23 September 2012


Olive Pink Botanic Garden, specializing in plants of the desert zone of Australia, spread over an area of ​​16 hectares in Alice Springs. The garden was created in 1956 as a reserve Desert Plants Areas Australia after years of efforts anthropologist and champion of the rights of Aboriginal Miss Olive Muriel Pink, which was the first curator of the garden.

This garden is part of the Royal impressive land stretching east of the Todd River to the southern borders of the Central Business District of Alice Springs. Prior to 1956, the land was drawn. It grazed goats, rabbits and cattle, which significantly altered the vegetation - when Miss Pink took over the place, there was no trees, no shrubs.

For two decades, Miss Pink and her assistants from the indigenous inhabitants desperately struggled with dry environmental conditions and an almost complete lack of funding. Together they planted trees and shrubs are characteristic of central Australia, as well as cacti, garden flowers and other plants that can withstand extreme summer temperatures.

After the death of Miss Pink in 1975, the reserve was placed under control of the State Government of Northwest Territories, which decided to continue the work of enthusiasts. According to the garden was laid network of hiking trails, visitor center built, planted eucalyptus river, acacia and other trees. Here was organized well and recreated ecosystem of sand dunes.

In 1985, the garden was named its founder, was opened to the public. Ten years later, he was declared a national heritage site in Australia.

Olive Pink Botanic Garden 1Olive Pink Botanic Garden 2Olive Pink Botanic Garden 3Olive Pink Botanic Garden 4Olive Pink Botanic Garden 5Olive Pink Botanic Garden 6

Australia - Alice Springs

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