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Castle Artshtetten

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 18 August 2012

Last Updated 18 August 2012


Artshtetten castle located in central Austria, near the town Artshtetten. The castle is located on a hill high above the Danube and is visible from afar. Its amazing, even a fabulous view, invites to dive into the ancient history of the country and its rulers.

This castle was first mentioned in the 13th century, and in its long history has repeatedly rebuilt and grew. Today he is a square in design, decorated with seven towers with amazing green onion domes. Some semi-circular towers, some - square. The building itself is painted in white, crowned with its brown tiled roof.

Now shut Artshtetten remains of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sofia von Hohenberg, who was tragically killed in Sarajevo in 1914. The underground crypt of the castle is a tomb.

Since 1983, the castle is a museum of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the permanent exhibition is "the heart and crown" tells the story of his life, the lives of his family and his business to the country. Also here is operational and several temporary exhibitions that tell about the different aspects of family life Archduke.

The castle as you can relax and take a walk. Here the beautiful, landscaped park with many old trees, a cozy south facing terrace where you can relax and dream, in the castle, there is also a small cafe. There are, of course, and a small gift shop with a large selection of souvenirs.

An interesting fact is that the lock Artshtetten so popular and loved by the Austrians, that his image even put on the coin at 10 euros, which was released in 2004.

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