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Castle Hohenwerfen

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 18 August 2012

Last Updated 18 August 2012

Hohenwerfen (original title Festung Hohenwerfen) - medieval castle, which is located in Austria on the 150-meter summit in forty kilometers from Salzburg. It should be noted that during the period of its existence Hohenwerfen lot survived. Presented by the Austrian castle built in the eleventh century, as a defensive fortress southern land of Salzburg. More specifically, the lock Hohenwerfen guarded only possible passage through the mountains in the area.

The first time the castle captured by farmers who have destroyed some of it, the second time Hohenwerfen captured Napoleon, this time zomak not destroyed. Virtually all of the nineteenth century castle Hohenwerfen perehodl from one hand to another. But in the twentieth century, he returned to public ownership, while became a training camp for the local police.

The ascent to the castle is via cable car, so there are hiking and stroke. It should be noted that immediately after the lifting of arms appears to zlazami prince-archbishops of Salzburg. In the main part of the building can be reached only Hohenwerfen organized tour. The highest observation point in the fortress is the bell tower.

Inherent part of almost all the castle walls are guns, by the way, there are so many. The most interesting rooms of the castle are the room-museum medieval weapons and torture chamber. Each year, the medieval castle Hohenwerfen visit a huge number, because it is one of the main attractions of Austria.

Castle Hohenwerfen 1

Castle Hohenwerfen 2

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