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Esterhazy Castle

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 18 August 2012

Last Updated 18 August 2012

Esterhazy Castle is located in the western part of Austria, in Eisenstadt, almost on the border with Hungary. Today the castle is still owned by an ancient dynasty Esterhazy. He is considered the main attraction of the city Eisenstadt.

On the site of the present castle is a 13th century fortress was built of the same name. Since the 15th century it was the property of the Habsburgs, who in 1662 gave the ancient fortress, a rich family Esterhazy. This kind of great influence in the country and features a fanatical devotion to Austria.

In the late 17th century architect Carlo Martino Carion had reconstruction of the castle in Baroque style. In the 18th century it was renovated the interior of the castle, and in 19 the architect Charles Moore rebuilt the palace in neoclassical style. In this form he is presented to visitors to this day.

The castle was built around a courtyard and is square in plan. The facade of the castle, built in Baroque style and painted in pastel, light yellow color, decorate the busts of the 18th century that depict the genus Esterhazy and the Hungarian kings.

Huge baronial hall on the first floor of the 18th century, has been transformed into a luxurious concert hall, called the Hall of Haydn. It was here that the famous composer conducted specially chosen for him orchestra. The ceiling and walls are richly decorated with stucco, and the floor, creating the perfect acoustics, made of plain wood.

Also in the castle is interesting to see some magnificent state rooms, the Chinese stores - big and small, a stunning mirrored hall - located in large receptions, a small chapel and other facilities. Near the castle is a magnificent park, constructed in accordance with the English tradition of landscape art. There are many avenues, fountains, greenhouses, grottoes and statues. Also in the castle operates one of the largest museums of wine in Austria.

Today the castle Esterhazy is not only an important historical site, but still the center of the cultural life of the region, where hosts numerous concerts of classical music, secular parties, balls, and other intense activities. The luxurious, spacious halls of the castle you can even wedding or other event, and for the holidays (especially at Christmas) are carried out here entertaining programs for children.

Esterhazy Castle 1

Esterhazy Castle 2

Esterhazy Castle 3

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