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Mozart's House Museum

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 28 July 2012

Last Updated 28 July 2012

 In Salzburg, on the street Getreydegasse, at No. 9 is a house-museum of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It was here that he was born and lived the first 17 years of life, a brilliant Austrian composer. In later years he preferred to live in Vienna, but the first steps in music made right here in "the House, where Mozart was born."

It is this inscription crosses the yellow facade of the world-famous house, which attracts thousands of admirers of genius and tourists. In the 18th century house owned by businessman Johann Lorenz Hagenauer, and here in 1747, entered Leopold Mozart and his wife, and here were born, seven of their children. Unfortunately, only two survived - Maria Anna and Wolfgang Amadeus.

For 26 years, from 1747 to 1773, the family took Mozart is a small apartment on the third floor, consisting of kitchen, small office, studio, living room and bedroom. The first works of genius, the future appeared in these areas.

June 15, 1880 was opened a museum dedicated to the life and works of Mozart. Now the museum you can see the first master of the tools - clavichord, violin and viola, family portraits Mozart family letters, scores and other personal items. On the ground floor of the building works exhibition devoted to Salzburg, the times are displayed furniture and household items of ordinary citizens. The second floor holds temporary exhibitions devoted to the composer's life. On the third - you can see the exhibitions on topics "Mozart and the theater," where are dioramas telling the operas of Mozart, displayed the scenery, costumes and props for productions.

Mozarts House Museum 1

Mozarts House Museum 2

Mozarts House Museum 3

Austria - Salzburg

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