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Vienna Arsenal

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 26 July 2012

Last Updated 26 July 2012

Vienna Arsenal - this is perhaps the only architectural complex in the Austrian capital, is almost completely preserved its original form, despite the fact that during the Second World War, was heavily damaged. But it was quickly restored with the exception of a few buildings that were completely demolished. Previously, all the Arsenal were military, it is now one of the main attractions of Vienna. You can visit Vensiky Arsenal zaree Book a hotel in Vienna.

 Arsenal was built to replace the old garrison, which was destroyed during the German revolution of 1848 - 1849 years. Arsenal building are square, and inside the confined space is a vast parade ground. In one of the buildings is the military history museum, which could be the title of the greatest and oldest in the world. Here you can buy tickets to Vienna at low prices.

 It is interesting that this building and was originally conceived as a museum, but his exposition was to talk about the best generals of the state in the history of its existence. But it so happened that in the Museum along the entire military history of Austria since the XVI century until 1945 Here is the complete collection of bronze cannon, and each exhibition is devoted to a war of Austrian history, including the last one.

Arsenal map 2Vienna Arsenal 1Vienna Arsenal 3Vienna Arsenal 4Vienna Arsenal 5Vienna Arsenal 6Vienna Arsenal 7Vienna Arsenal 8Vienna Arsenal 9Vienna Arsenal 10Vienna Arsenal 11Vienna Arsenal 12Vienna Arsenal 13Vienna Arsenal 14Vienna Arsenal 15

Austria - Vienna

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