Norrvikens Tradgardar

Botanical Museum (Norrvikens Tradgardar)

It is located 4 miles west of Bostada.

Botanical Museum consists of various styles of ornamental gardens from many corners of the world. It occupies 14 hectares.

It was founded in 1906 by Rudolf Abelino.

Includes Italian garden in the style of Baroque, Renaissance garden, monastery garden, Oriental garden, Japanese garden, and others.

It is also curious built in the building and construction.

In 2006, the Park and Museum selected the most beautiful in Sweden and second in Europe.

Фото 1. Ботанический музей. Швеция, Бостад      

Фото 2. Ботанический музей. Швеция, Бостад

Фото 3. Ботанический музей. Швеция, Бостад