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VISBY, Galge

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 07 April 2012



Medieval gallows (Galge)

Stone gallows are located in natural reserve Galgberget, to the north of Visby.

In the three stone pillars that serve as pillars, wooden beams were attached, and only on those beams hung from executed criminals.

Previously, the visibility was free, both from the city and the sea, so that everyone can look at the executions.

This place used for the execution of up to 1845.

In July 2008, archeologists found in the immediate vicinity of the gallows of bone 30. All were allegedly executed in this place.

Фото 1. Средневековые виселицы. Швеция, Висбю

Фото 2. Средневековые виселицы. Швеция, Висбю

Фото 3. Средневековые виселицы. Швеция, Висбю 

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