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Sofiero Slottstradgard

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 05 April 2012


Sofiero Slottstradgard

Castle Soferu (Sofiero Slottstradgard)

This castle of the 19th century was the wedding gift of King Gustavus Adolphus of his granddaughter Margaret.

Near the castle a huge park flora and beautiful ponds.

In 1973, there were about 5,000 plants in the park.

The park is growing and today, more than 10,000 plants and more than 300 kinds of hybrids.

Фото 1. Замок Софьеру. Швеция, Хельсингборг     

Фото 2. Парк. Замок Софьеру. Швеция, Хельсингборг

Фото 3. Парк. Замок Софьеру. Швеция, Хельсингборг 

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