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Leksand Sommarland

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 04 April 2012


Leksand Sommarland

Amusement Park Sommarland (Leksand Sommarland)

The park is located 3 miles north of Leksand.

This is a real paradise for children and adults - "Disneyland" on the Swedish style.

There are a surprising number of entertainment: attractions, boating, horseback riding, bowling, tennis, golf, water rides - biking, toboggan, various kinds of carousels.

Open from May to August.

Фото 1. Парк развлечений Sommarland. Швеция, Лександ

Фото 2. Парк развлечений Sommarland. Швеция, Лександ     

Sweden - DALARNA

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