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Botaniska Tradgarden

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 31 March 2012


Botaniska Tradgarden

Botanical Garden
Botanical Gardens, laid out in 1750 on the site of the former palace of the park, located near Uppsala Castle.

At 13 hectares of growing 13,000 species of plants.

There is a tropical conservatory, where you can even find bananas, coffee and orchids, as well as many others have clearly exotic plants in Sweden.

The greenhouse for more than 200 years old.

Фото 1. Ботанический сад. Швеция, Уппсала

Фото 2. Ботанический сад. Швеция, Уппсала

Фото 3. Ботанический сад. Швеция, Уппсала

Sweden - North of Sweden

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