Knight's house is located in Old Town, behind the church Riddarholmschurkan.

The building was built by Jean de la Vallee, Henry Wilhelm and Justus Vinkbonsom in the years 1641-1674 in the style of the German Baroque.
Simon de la Valle was the first draft of the Knights home. The project was redesignedfirst Dutch architect Justus Vinkbonsom, and then Jean de la Valle, the son of Simon, giving it its final form.

Initially meant for meeting the noble House of Representatives 4th estate Riksdag.

After 1866 - belongs to the noble assembly, the assembly is held every three years.

Installed near the entrance to the 5-meter high statue of King Gustav Vasa.

In the ceremonial hall of the walls are decorated with coats of arms of noble families in 2382.

Фото 1. Рыцарский дом. Швеция, Стокгольм