Regalskeppet Vasa
 King Gustav II Adolf signed January 16, 1625 contract to build a ship with Master Henrik Hubertssonom.

In its construction took more than a thousand oaks, participated in more than 400 workers.

After the death of the main shipbuilder in 1627 it commissioned Hein Jacobsson.
Three-year masters of shipbuilding work on a new ship.

In the 17th century the name "royal ship" was given the biggest warship.

"Wasa" with 64 large-caliber guns and more than 50-meter long mast ship was a real work of art.
He was decorated with a variety of sculptural details: snarling jaws of the lion god, angels, demons, warriors, and other sculptures.
A total of 500 and 200 sculptures carved decorations.

In 1628 August 10, Sunday, "Vasa" went to his first and last voyage. Goal of the first voyage was chosen naval base Elvsnabben, south-west of Stockholm.
When the ship went out into the open bay, a strong gust of wind filled the sails, and the "Vasa" started to list on the leeward side, but then leveled off and was still about 1,300 meters, reaching the island at the entrance Bekholmen the harbor of Stockholm.
There, a hundred meters from the island, a new gust of wind tilted the ship again, this time much stronger. Water gushed through the gun ports, the ship went on board and began to sink with raised sails and fluttering flags.
Together with the vessel was lost about 50 people - almost half of the people on board.
Perpetrators of the crash was not found.

Фото 1. Королевский корабль *Васа*. Швеция, Стокгольм

Фото 2. Королевский корабль *Васа*. Швеция, Стокгольм