Norrmalm, City

Centre of Stockholm - is Norrmalma quarters, which includes Old Town and the City.

Norrmalm located north of the medieval quarter and connected by several bridges.

He underwent a thorough restructuring in the 50th and 60th years.

At Queen's Park is Norrmalme Kunkstredgorden, near the park cafe is "Opera".

On the waterfront Stremkayen towering seven-story hotel - Grand Hotel.

There is also a dock. From him leave in the way of tourist trams and boats to other islands in Sweden.

On the opposite side of the building is located Norrmalma Central Station.

Most of the theater is on the street Kunksgatan, which crosses the district from west to east.

The entire central portion of Norrmalma around Sergelstor area, called the City.

This is a modern shopping district, built in 1940-1970, respectively.

It starts at the bottom of the street Drottninggatan and goes further to the north to the area Hotorget. From this area a view of the five towers of glass skyscrapers.

There is a shopping mall, its pavements are laid out in checkerboard style - black and white squares.

On the territory of the City, shops, department stores, banks, offices, there are old buildings - such as Concert Hall blue, built in 1926 in neoclassical style.

Life in the City rages round the clock.

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