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Vorontsov's Palace

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 01 April 2011

Last Updated 01 April 2011

Vorontsov's Palace11

Steam-ship cut the stem expanse of water ... Partly cloudy sky merged with the sea horizon.We stood on the deck, and a sharp wind whipped our hair. It was drizzling rain. And then in the distance I saw dolphins. Real, living dolphins ... As in a fairy tale or a movie .. There were two.And they jumped over the water ... They were far away because soon their silhouettes disappeared completely from sight ... Then he lowered the speed boat and swam slowly swaying to the pier ... Crimean bright green trees, the12 smell of flowers, clean pebbles lined sidewalks, decorative waterfalls and fountains .... And the silence ... It was so quiet ... And practically deserted ... We were in May. Probably because of this ... Walking along the paths of the park, everything seemed unnaturally beautiful. As on the cover of the mysterious far-off country ... And then the palace .... Perhaps in Ukraine to find something like that is impossible.Near the palace people were much more ... Most people were in cash - walk the halls and corridors of the palace .. Queue meandered like a long-long snake ... for some reason we decided not to stand in it. I think in this day we had planned to catch a train .. And an impressive number of people hinted that if we get stuck here it ... In general, we confine ourselves to walk around the palace ... especially struck by this passage between two high walls, and another stone towers - I for some reason they are associated with Turkish, while in Turkey I was never.13

Now some historical facts.

Boss, the initiator and zadumschikom palace was none other than Mikhail Vorontsov. Draft of the castle was designed by English architect Edward Blorom. The main building materials are hard igneous rock gray-green color - diabase. The complexity of construction of the diabase is that it is very hard and brittle at the same time. Because of the diabase cut the towers was figured as not just th ... For this hard work had been "invited" the fortress of the Moscow province.

The combination of towers, domes teeth, arches, balconies create some totally inexplicable atmosphere totally different, but at the same time merged into one harmonious whole.

The park around the palace was planned and created under the strict guidance of Karl Kebaha - known at the time of man. He also worked in parallel park in Yalta.

Construction of the palace were built in 1830 and ended in 1846.

Ukraine - Crimea region

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