Located on the islands at the mouth of the river Lule, Elva, on the shores of the Gulf of Bothnia.

Lulea - industrial and university center.

Eksportirut iron ore from Lapland, development of ferrous metallurgy, machinery, lumber and pulp.

The city was founded in 1621.

In 1887 a large fire destroyed most of the buildings. After that, the city rebuilt from scratch.

The tallest building in the city - it is the cathedral, the length of the spire is 67 meters.

Here you can stop to rest, eat and replenish their supplies before heading further.
This charming city has theaters and museums, as well as numerous clubs and discos. The city is the northernmost university in Sweden.

At 10 kilometers from Luleå in the direction of Boudin, is the charming town of Gammelstad, rightly received the status of historical monument. This is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in the north.

From the port of Lulea on a boat to get to the islands near the coast.


Герб города Лулео. Швеция

Фото 1. Город Лулео. Швеция

Фото 2. Город Лулео. Швеция

Фото 3. Город Лулео. Швеция

Фото 4. Город Лулео. Швеция