A paradise for lovers of science and curious kids. Here you can see a lot of interesting things, and not only see but also touch, twist, blow a bit of traveling, that is, it is interesting not only children but also adults.

 It will be interesting to visit the permanent exhibitions, to feel like a scientist in a laboratory supervisor at the rail, ride a bicycle under the dome, look at the rats that play basketball, and also to the construction of the needle, and many others.

 On the street is broken botanical garden and an artificial river flows, with its advanced fleet, which you can try to lower the water. You may feel like a superman, and to do what previously would never have been able to - for example, to build its own dam or pokatit ball of stone over a meter in diameter.

 Another place that is certainly worth a visit this movie theater, a planetarium. The screen is made in the form of a sphere and the rest in a reclining position, leave indelible impressions of the movies, as a rule, scientific and informative.

 Also, if you get tired, will always be able to sit in a small cafe, go to the store and buy souvenirs and sets of experiments, book in memory of this remarkable place.