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Round Tower

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 02 March 2012

Round Tower. Built during the reign of Christian IV from 1637 to 1642. The height of the tower - 36meters. In Andersen's fairy tale "Flint" there is a dog with eyes as big as "round tower" - that's what big eyes in a dog. Stages it does not - leads up a gentle winding ascent of 210 meters. In 1716Peter I rode to the top of the tower on horseback, carrying a carriage with his wife, the futureEmpress Catherine I. From the top of the tower offer stunning views of the old Copenhagen.
Address: Kobmagergade 52A (Stroget)
Open: year round
tel.: 33 73 03 73
Train: Norreport
Buses: 5-7-14-16-17-24-43-84
Distance from Town Hall Square - 5 km

Denmark - Copenhagen

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