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Elizabeth Church and Olga

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 26 March 2011

Last Updated 28 March 2011

Olga and Elizabeth Church
Elizabeth Church and Olga

Lay September 13, 1903 and built until 1911. Projected building and managed its construction architect Theodor-Marian Talovskyy. Sculptors - Viytovych P., L. Zhepihovskyy, Shostakyevych Yu et al., Artist - K. Sihulskyy. Neo-Gothic style cathedral repeats many elements of Gothic architecture: high gabled spire, strilchasti windows portal with a rose in the center, inner vertical space. Peter Viytovych which the Poles called "our Fidiyem, decorated church sculptural composition" The Crucifixion of Prystoyachymy. In 1926 the house was one of the largest organs in Poland by famous Polish firms to Dominica and Vaclav Bernatskiy.

At the beginning of World War I Austro-Hungarian government confiscated the church bells to the military.During the Polish-Ukrainian war of 1918-1919 Ukrainian church was damaged artillery, as well as other buildings during the nearly five-month siege of the city, which carried Ukrainian after left the city. On the wall is a monument of "Ex obsidione ruthenorum" - "From the Ukrainian siege 6 and March 9, 1919.

In 1939, near the temple exploded bombs were damaged spire and walls. In 1946 the church was closed, the remains of organ pipes kicked in the choir loft. Since the government was concerned about the USSR religious buildings and mainly contributed to their destruction, chaos reigned in the house until 1970 when placed under the building structure.

In 1991 the church was given the Greek Catholic community and consecrated as the church St. Olga and Elizabeth. Today, the church interior is simple and modest: white walls, some decor with dark red, soft light through stained glass.

Ukraine - Lviv

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