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Central Museum of Railway Transport of the Russian Federation

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 26 July 2011

Last Updated 27 November 2011

Центральный музей железнодорожного транспорта РФ Санкт-Петербург Россия.

Central Museum of Railway Transport of the Russian Federation
Address: 190068, St. Petersburg, ul. Garden, 50
Phone: (812) 315-1476

Mode of operation: Daily from 11.00 to 17.30, except Friday, Saturday and last Thursday of each month

The date of foundation of the Central Museum of Railway Transport in 1813 is considered. This year at the Institute of Railway Engineers created a "special room" in which were to be kept mozheli of the most significant buildings, existing and planned at that time in Russia and in foreign countries. The first models a "special room" got in the same year, and from this point on completion of the collection of models and models made in the model shop Institute of the Corps of Engineers of Railway Transport, occurred regularly.

By the fiftieth anniversary of the Corps of Engineers Institute of Transport has issued a special decree ordering all organizations and institutions that were building in our country, without fail to send in a museum built drawings and models of buildings. Since then, the museum's collection began to grow and acquire new exhibits. In addition to models of transport facilities, they received models of civil construction, cathedrals and monuments.

In 1862, the Museum of the Institute of Railway Engineers was available for visitors. The entrance to it was free, although very limited in time - to visit the museum could only be on a Sunday morning. But to do so could anyone, regardless of social status and condition of the purse.

At the end of XIX century, the museum's collection were filled mostly by the exhibits, donated to the museum by various companies and individuals. During this period, the museum's collection is enriched by the things that belonged to the former Minister of Communications and Melnikov Posiet, commercial engine models Ural Railway and the Iron Bridge at the Ryazan-Kozlovskaya railway, and many other exhibits.

In December 1902, opened another similar museum - the Museum Office of Communications named Emperor Nicholas I, which were to be kept different models, structures, shells and machine. Some of the exhibits were donated to the new museum by Emperor Nicholas II, in particular, chair, desk and inkwell Nicholas I and several models of steam locomotives. Two years later, near the museum building was constructed two-story pavilion, which houses the launch of Alexander II and the boat of Peter I.

A few years later two museums were united into one.

The Soviet period in the history of the Central Museum of Railway Transport can not be called easy. The first years after the revolution of the museum in general no one had, and he declined. Later, the museum re-opened, but the repair of old items and buy new it almost did not put the money. Since 1928, the Museum of the case were going well, but necessary for life and work of things, facilities, new exhibits and funding to the museum still had to beat out a fight.

Currently, the museum's collection includes more than fifty thousand exhibits, including the fascinating collection of model locomotives, these engines, locomotives and cars and phones.

в Санкт Петербурге! Музей железнодорожного транспорта.

Russia - Saint-Petersburg

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