Russian Museum of Ethnography
Address: 191011, St. Petersburg, ul. Engineering, 4 / 1
Phone: (812) 313-4421
Mode of operation: Daily from 10.00 to 18.00, except Mondays and the last Friday of the month

The collection of Russian Museum of Ethnography includes approximately 500,000 items, is one of the largest ethnographic collections in the world. The earliest monuments are stored in the museum belong to the XVIII century, the museum's collection is constantly updated with new exhibits.

Collection of the Russian Ethnographic Museum tells about the traditional occupations, agriculture and crafts of various nations. The museum has a unique collection of carpets XVIII - XX centuries, a collection of pottery, carved and painted wood, musical instruments, embroidery and lace, ornamental weaving, jewelry, knives, vehicles and items of harness different peoples.

The museum has a collection of jewelry, shoes and traditional national costumes of all nations, in which there are different types of suits people of all ages - from infants to the elderly. The collection is both casual and industrial wear, as well as ceremonial and festive, special beauty are different wedding dresses and decorations.

The Russian Ethnographic Museum store ritual objects associated with the wedding rites and the commemoration of the dead, birth and upbringing of children and calendar holidays. This wooden furniture, utensils and festive, and a fascinating collection of toys from a variety of materials. Emphasis enjoys a unique meeting dedicated to the shamans of Siberia - from garments, diamonds and carved idols can not take your eyes off.

In the museum are supplemented by interesting things successfully photos (a rich collection includes about 180,000 negatives and prints) and ethnographic drawings, depicting the different sides of the traditional national way of life. After collection of the Ethnographic Museum introduces visitors to the monuments 157 people inhabiting in different periods of Russian territory. Museum - is a kind of time machine that allows us to touch the life of small peoples - for example, such as Enets, Orok, chum, and learn about the existence of which is possible only by the exhibits of the museum.

Российский этнографический музей. Санкт-Петербург.

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Российский этнографический музей был основан императором Николаем II