Wax Museum
Address: 191025, St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospekt, 17
Phone: (812) 315-4333

Wax Museum - a great place for those who are tired of high art and just want to have fun and take a look at something interesting. Or for those who want a closer look and examine every detail of people who normally only seen in the pages of glossy magazines but in the history books. Or for those who want a good tickle their nerves. In general, almost all categories idly roamed the Petersburg citizens.

For the first time wax figures were established in Italy. Then the fashion and scattered to other countries and captured England, Germany and France. True, the original wax images were meant to perform is not an entertainment function - they ordered the noble people "to the eternal memory" of his descendants. The first exhibition of wax figures appeared in Europe in the XVIII century.

In St. Petersburg Museum of wax figures available today more than a thousand of these same figures. The section on the history of our country (the largest of all), you can admire the figures of historical figures, from the first rulers of Russia to contemporary Russian politics. Collection continues the historical theme, "World History". Here you can admire the famous wax doubles military leaders and monarchs of various countries and eras of ancient philosophers and eminent painters of the Renaissance.

The "Bible story" before the visitors appear not even the individual figures and whole compositions that were created using different shapes and decorations. These scenes illustrate Bible stories and created based on the works of famous artists.

Exposition "The Myths of old and new" open to visitors all facets of myth-making. Here, just as if alive, are creatures that have never existed outside the human imagination - the heroes of ancient myths and contemporary fantasy characters, fairy-tale characters and creatures from the world of fantasy, and even the notorious "little green men."

Those who came in a wax museum for the thrill, not to pass by "Cabinet of Curiosities Museum of Wonders". It exhibited the figures of people with various physical development abnormalities. What is interesting - they are all absolutely wax replicas of real people whose names can be found in the Guinness Book of Records. I do not recommend also pass by the exhibition "The history of torture and executions for two thousand years." The spectacle, which will open to you here, tickle your nerves even more than what you saw in the previous show.