Mikhailovsky (Engineers') Castle. Branch of the Russian Museum
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The Marble Palace was built by the architect Antonio Rinaldi, commissioned by Empress Catherine II. To finish Exterior and interior of the palace used by about thirty varieties of marble, for which he received his name - Marble. As a result of restructuring carried out in mid XIX century by Alexander Briullov, and further surgery carried out in the XX century, and of adapting to the needs of the Palace Museum, the original form and decoration of the historic interiors of the palace was almost completely lost.

In 1992, the Marble Palace was handed over to the Russian Museum, from that moment it is an active restoration, restored decor, the historic layout and amount of space.

Exhibit located in the Marble Palace, reflect the role and place of Russian art in the context of world art. In the state rooms of the expanded permanent exhibition, "Foreign Artists in Russia XVIII-XIX centuries", which provides a visible representation of the relationship of Russian and European artists. In 1995, the Marble Palace was open, "Ludwig Museum in the Russian Museum." Its foundation was a collection of works by contemporary artists in Europe, America and Russia, presented to the Russian Museum famous German collectors, spouses Peter and Irene Ludwig. "The Ludwig Museum in the Russian Museum" - only in our country, a permanent exhibition of art the end of XX century, making it possible to trace the development of Russian art in the stream of world culture.

In 2001, the Marble Palace was opened permanent exhibition "Collection of the St. Petersburg collectors Rzhevsky brothers", which were the basis of the exhibits presented to the Russian Museum brothers Joseph and Jacob Rzhevsky.

One of the last owner of the Marble Palace was Grand Duke Konstantin Romanov, a recognized poet of the Silver Age, who wrote under the pseudonym "KR" Now the former apartments of the Grand Duke, in the original interiors of the time, is a memorial exhibition "Konstantin Romanov - the poet of the Silver Age."