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The State Museum of Russian Political History

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Written by Traveler

Posted on 22 July 2011

The State Museum of Russian Political History
Address: 197046, St. Petersburg, ul. Kuibyshev on 04/02
Phone: For information and pre-orders - (812) 233-70-52, Marketing - (812) 233-76-56
Working hours: daily from 10:00 to 18:00 hours, ticket office open until 17:00 pm the day off - Thursday

October 19, 1919 was established the State Museum of Revolution, a year later in the halls of the Winter Palace, held its official opening. It was in this museum, and subsequently increased the State Museum of Russian Political History.

GMR has become the first Russian revolutionary historical museum. The completion of his collection went fairly quickly, by the mid 20s in the museum were the most valuable collection of pamphlets of different political parties, a unique collection of revolutionary banners, posters and more.

1955 State Museum of Revolution, were transferred to new buildings - and a mansion house Kshesinskaia Brant. Within two years, these buildings were rebuilt and were eventually merged into a single complex, and moved to the museum of the revolution. In 1972, the GMR has become a branch of the Central Museum of Revolution, the Soviet Union.

In the late 70s, we have begun to create a fundamentally new concept of the museum. In the period from 1989 to 1992, the museum goes through a series of exhibitions at never-before-profile topic in the history of Russia. In 1991, the Ministry of Culture decided to rename the museum in the State Museum of Political History of Russia and the return of the status of an independent organization.

The museum's collection includes an impressive period of our history - from the reign of Catherine II to the present day and the latest developments of Russian political life. In the museum there are documents that reflect the events of the French Revolution and the legislative activity of Catherine II, and exhibits on the reforms of Alexander II and SY Witte, articles on the coronation of the last three Russian emperors and the origin and evolution of social and political movements in Russia, from the Decembrists and ending movements and parties beginning of XX century.

Among the exhibits can be found heirlooms famous public, government and political leaders, prominent military leaders, scientists and cultural figures such as Nicholas II, SY Witte, Stolypin, Felix Dzerzhinsky, Zhukov, Mikhail Gorbachev, LO Cliffs, KY Lavrov, Yuri Gagarin, etc.

A special place among the other is a dynamic collection devoted to the activities of modern political parties, social movements and political leaders, fresh material supplied to it constantly.

Many of the museum's collection of Russian Political History formed "hot pursuit" of events. The museum has the most valuable materials from the fronts of the Civil War and World War II, Afghanistan and "hot spots" - Abkhazia, Chechnya, Karabakh.

Russia - Saint-Petersburg

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