Vasilian Monastery

Vasilian Monastery on Mount Theodore appeared during 1751 - 1753 years from the initiative of Count Nicholas Potocki, founder Buchatskiy Hall. Back in 1712 his father, Stefan Potocki with the permission of the Archbishop of Lviv invited to Lithuania in Buchach Vasilian foundation for theological boarding school and seminary. A May 12, 1751 was laid the first stone for the construction of the monastery.

The author of this project Monastery of the Holy Cross Order of St. Basil the Great was the architect I. Shyltser. The complex, which appeared on the site of the former Dominican church, consisted of kostelopodibnoyi Zdvyzhenskoyi church bell, body cells and body gymnasium. The project is a huge Church of Exaltation of the Cross, which was built during 1750 - 1570 years, attributed to architect Gottfried Hoffman - author of the restructuring Pochayiv Monastery, which was carried out by means of the same Nicholas Potocki.

The temple was built in late Baroque style. It is cruciform in plan. In the event graced with two towers p'yatyyarusni that make the whole church dominating the old city. Towers are decorated with pilasters and cornices. The interior remained a valuable iconostasis and six wooden sculptures made ​​by master Nicholas Filevych Lviv. The walls are decorated with pilasters with gilded Corinthian capitals, and tempera painting of the XVIII century on religious themes.

On both sides of the church, church buildings adjoining monastic cells. Cells older than the church: some sources date back to XVII century. They, unlike the church, have simplified decor and decorated with only shovels and windows, attic floor. They also cells for monks housed stables and kitchen. The oldest building is the left that ends with bell-tower with a spire.

When the monastery was a school-orphanage and seminary. In 1804 he founded a school here, among the teachers which were poets Julian Dobrylovskyy and Hilarion Grabowicz, biologist Semen Trush, and among the audience - well-known Polish and Ukrainian cultural and artistic figures. It was closed in 1944. In 1946 and eliminated the monastery. In 1991 the monastery resumed its activities and still belongs to the Greek Catholics - Basilian Fathers. Since 1995, the monastery has historical and philosophical Lyceum for future priests.

Emblem of the founders Potocki "Piliava":