In 1574, Ivan Fedorov published “Apostol” (The Apostle), the first book printed in Ukraine.

The printing pioneer, Ivan Fedorov was banished from Muscovy by reactionary clergymen. He made his way to the “peace-loving city of Lviv”, where he founded his own printing house and, with the help of ordinary Lviv citizens, published a book called “Diyannia ta Poslannia Sviatykh Apostoliv” (Deeds and Epistles of the Holy Apostles). This first Ukrainian book is a remarkable work of art, notable for its large size, variety, and artistic and polygraphic representations. One thousand two hundred copies of the “Apostol” were printed, quite a large number for that period. Close to 100 copies have been preserved in major libraries to the present day, some in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, the USA, and many other countries.