Net ponds

Address: Boulevard Chistoprudniy

How to reach the Pure ponds: art. Metro Net ponds

Net ponds or pond clean - now that name is not only water but also all nearby park and neighborhood. If we look at a map of the terrain, which offers clean ponds, it is evident that there is a vertex of a gentle hill. Often in such places were the swamp, from which flowed streams or small rivers. In the case of Pure ponds and all was - formed the river streams crustaceans, which has been the influx of Yauza.

During growth of Moscow, this place is gradually drained and settled. When in the late 16th century by the architect FS Knight at the site of ancient wooden fortification was built a wall of the White City, she cut a crustacean. Front of a wall in the valley it was impossible to build homes, and in the lowlands at the turn of 16-17 centuries formed a pond.

At first it was a foul pond. There are three versions of the origin of the name. According to one of them in this area, the Balts Gentiles worship their pagan gods. After all, ancient word "pagan" (from the Latin "paganus" - a pagan) called not something bad or dirty, so designated Gentiles. Another interpretation of the name comes from the pond of the ancient legend, which leads us to the origins of the birth of Moscow. On the future site of the village was located before the boyar Stepan Kuchka, which is not sufficiently respectful hosted Yuri Dolgoruky. The enraged prince ordered the killing handful of, and the body of his drowned in a pond, after which the pond was nicknamed rotten. It is known that this place is connected and a real tragedy. In July 1570 on the orders of Ivan the Terrible were brutally executed after excruciating torture 120 boyars and servitors, whom the king accused of treason.

But the generally accepted version is that nasty pond was called, because he dumped waste traders from nearby butchers and slaughterhouses, located at the street Butcher. In the heat hovered over the pond offensive odors, and place it was pretty unpleasant. In the late 17th century mansion near the pond became a favorite and companion of the emperor Peter I, Prince Menshikov. Alexander Menshikov, could not tolerate his home near this neighborhood. He cleared the pond, and forbade them to continue to pollute. Soon the butchers ousted from the region of Moscow, as Myasnitskaya ran to the palace to the village of Transfiguration and the German Quarter (Lefortovo), where I often visited Peter and his entourage. Since ponds are called pure. Now, the once-luxurious estates Menshikov is a Post Office, built in 1912.

In the past, ponds have been a popular holiday destination all year round. Winters are skating in the summer - by boat. Clean the pond on the ice practicing such sports figures as the last world champion 1910-1911 GG Nikolay Strunnikov and European champion Vasyl Ippolitov and Jacob Melnikov.

Even in 1820, was built Chistoprudni Boulevard - the second-longest after the Tver. Parkway has a length of 822 meters, a quiet side road is separated from the busy main lawn. Residents Chistoprudny Boulevard belonged to very different social strata, which led to the heterogeneity of its development. On the inner side of the street their luxurious mansions built the Moscow nobility and foreign - the wealthy burghers and merchants, middling dvorovladeltsy.

In 1958 Clean Ponds boat station was closed in 1960, strengthened the shore rocks, and in 1966 - with concrete. Now on the surface of the pond swim only the swans and ducks, which in the winter moved into "winter quarters", furnished near the Novodevichy Monastery. In Soviet Chistoprudni Boulevard spared radical changes, and most buildings are owned by the late 19th-early 20th centuries. One of the main architectural and cultural attractions of the boulevard is the building number 19-a. Mansion in 1912-1914 for the cinema was built by architect RI Klein for the Coliseum Theatre, and now there is the famous Moscow Contemporary Drama.

In the 90 years of the 20th century, gained a reputation as clean ponds worship you like this place. Here, fans gathered informal music: rockers, punks and bohemians, informal people. Net ponds often become the venue for various gatherings, celebrations of sports victories. Many agree to meet at the monument Griboyedov, located in the park on Clean Ponds. In 1990, the subway station formerly known as the Kirov, was renamed Pure ponds. In winter the pond is a natural ice rink for skating enthusiasts. Now the pond is fed from the water, and river crustaceans no longer exists.

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