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Kalmar slott

Written by Administrator

Posted on 07.04.12


Sweden - East Coast and Islands


Kalmar slott

Kalmar Castle (Kalmar slott)

The history of construction of the castle takes its origins from the end of 1100. Initially defensive tower was built, enclosed by a wooden palisade, and then in 1280-ies were built more towers and fortified stone walls around the central tower, then up to the 16th century, work continued on the expansion of the castle.

Major construction work to expand and develop the castle come to 1337, at the time of Magnus Eriksson.

In 1545 King Gustav Vasa wanted to completely rebuild the castle for a new way of fortification art.

The premises of the castle fascinate and delight.

In the Tower of the King - Chamber of King Erik XIV - one of the most beautiful rooms in the castle: the walls are decorated with wood paneling and the ceiling is a magnificent frieze, made of plaster.

Green Hall was built for King Johan III in the northern wing of the castle in the 1550s.
In the 1580s the hall was decorated with a gilded ceiling and rich paneling of the walls, since they have been held royal receptions.

In 1592 the south wing of the castle was built a chapel. In the chapel are preserved the bench of the 17th century, decorated with monograms of Gustav II Adolf and Queen Mary Eleanor, pulpit and altar of the 18th century. There are still held weekly services, and the chapel is popular as a venue for wedding ceremonies.

Throughout its history the castle was besieged 22 times. During the 1611-1613 Kalmar War years, he was captured by the Danes.

In 1397, within its walls was signed by the Kalmar Union.

In the late 17th century the castle was used as a warehouse, in 1780 it was set up a brewery, and until 1852 the castle was used as a prison.

At this time, the lock operates as a museum, showing visitors historic interiors and objects.

Фото 1. Замок Кальмар. Швеция, Кальмар          

Фото 2. Замок Кальмар. Швеция, Кальмар

Фото 3. Замок Кальмар. Швеция, Кальмар

Solliden slott

Written by Administrator

Posted on 07.04.12


Sweden - East Coast and Islands


 Solliden slott

Castle Solliden (Solliden slott)

The castle is the residence of the Swedish royal family and the property of Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf.

It was built from 1903 to 1906, by order of Queen Victoria. The architect Torben Grut.

The castle was not built for ceremonial purposes, and as a country house.

The first floor consists of rooms of economy class.

On the second floor living room, dining room and guest rooms.

On the third floor - bedroom, living room and writing room.

In the attic a few small rooms.

The palace itself is closed to the public, except for the park that takes visitors into the summer months.

Фото. Замок Соллиден. Швеция, Боргхольм       

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